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October 27, 2012
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Shroomy and Scarlett by Hebbybobdige Shroomy and Scarlett by Hebbybobdige
Shroomy and 'Scarlett' sat in the Graveyard:

Me and Scarlett like to walk around and talk to the graves. They look so lonely, i mean you see no other people here. I worry they'll forget than anyone cares if no one goes to chat with them every few days. We must be her only friends, aye Scarlett?

Randomer from School walking through:

Da fuck you doing Lydia. how fucked up and depressed must you be to waste your life talking to dead people, i've heard about you. They can't hear you and they don't care.

Shroomy: Piss off...

Randomer: They're dead and death is the essence of a conscious mind destroyed. Doing something like this is depressing as fuck, Lydia.

Shroomy: DON'T CALL ME LYDIA you chickenfucker!! And don't insult the Dead!! they have no one!

Randomer: Mong...

Shroomy: When there's no room in Hell the Dead will walk the earth!!

Randomer: Hahaha.. stupid cow

Randomer moves on.

(Shroomy draws into herself in a lonely manor,lights a cigarette then smiles soulfully at a grave stone)

(Chedd and Sycamore enter scene)

Chedd: Hello Shroomsey!

(Shroomy smiles) Haii Chedd, Haii Sycamore

Sycamore: Hey (Intelligent sounding voice)

Shroomy: How'd you know i was here??

Chedd: You're always here.... you.. spend most of your weekends at the Boneyard

Shroomy: It's calming and peaceful.. huh Scarlett?? NO Scarlett.. calm down hehe

(Chedd and Sycamore look at each other in a worryful fashion)

Sycamore: *Sigh* Scarlett...

Shroomy: Scarlett...

(Sycamore sits down with Shroomy, leaning close to her warmly)

Shroomy: Chav just came through just now, pissed me off. I look a wierdo.. the way i act don't i??

Sycamore: Well this whole 'Scarlett' business, it can be a little scary. Do you actually think she's real or what??

Shroomy: Huh?
Just because she isn't real in your world doesn't mean she's not real. How do you know your reality is the real reality anyways, i think it's rather empty and boring anyways.. just because YOU don't see Scarlett.

Sycamore: We're just curious, is she there all the time

Shroomy: She's my best friend.

Chedd: What does she look like?

Shroomy: She looks just like me but she's covered in scars and needles all over and she's always dressed in rags. she's very needy and she tells me what to do all the time.
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Hebbybobdige Oct 28, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks =]
Hebbybobdige Oct 30, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Hebbybobdige Oct 28, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks :)
Princess-of-Gray Oct 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This looks so good~! I adore these two~!
Hebbybobdige Oct 28, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks :)
phantasmicandra Oct 27, 2012  Student General Artist
your illustrations are truly wonderful.
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